Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a selection of the most popular queries we receive from climote users. If you cannot find your specific question below feel free to contact us with any queries you may have..

How do I register my climote?

To register, click here. Each climote HUB can only be registered once. If your home had a climote when you moved in, contact climote here to update its details.

Why should I register my climote?

By registering your Climote device you can control your heating remotely via the climote APP/SMS/Online and Amazon Alexa. Registration of your device will also facilitate free software updates and technical support via email and phone. If you do not register, you will only be able to control your heating manually using the Climote control panel in your home.

What is my device number?

Your device number is a unique number that is associated with the SIM card in your climote HUB. (It is not your own mobile telephone number.)

Your unique device number is visible on the SIM card holder in your climote welcome pack and you can also request the number by text by clicking here.

How can I log into my climote unit online?

You can click here to go the climote online portal.

Can I add a password to my climote Hub?

To add a password, go to:

Log In to your climote account

Go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Edit my details
  3. Tick change password user
  4. Type a password
  5. Click save

I forget my password, can I reset it?

For a password reset, click here.

How many users can I have on my climote account?

Each climote HUB can have up to four remote users.

Can I control more than one climote from one App?

Yes. Simply, tap the menu in the top right hand corner then Accounts -> Add New Account. Log into your other account(s) using their device mobile number and registered email address. The App will store these details allowing you to switch accounts effortlessly by navigating to the Accounts section.

Is my climote Hub compatible with Amazon Echo devices (Alexa)?

The climote Remote Heating Controller can be connected to the Amazon Echo devices and you can now turn on your heating by simply saying, “Alexa, ask climote to turn on the heating”. For more information, click here.

Is my climote Hub compatible with Google Home?

Your climote Remote Heating Controller is not currently compatible with Google Home.

After the first year’s service package has expired, what are the terms of continuing remote heating access?

After this initial first year you will receive a reminder that your service package is coming to an end. A renewal is required to  keep the remote access to your product active. The cost of the renewal will be  €19 (subject to change).

What if I only have 1 or 2 zones in my home, why can I still see additional zones?

The climote HUB is a three-channel time clock which allows for up to three heating zones. It is possible to set the climote to use only one zone, if set, it can be changed back to allow for zoning of the home in the future.

What is Holiday mode and how does it work?

  • Click on Holiday to switch the heating off for a defined number of days (starting with today) without clearing your saved schedule settings.
  • Press End Now to cancel holiday settings immediately

Where can I get additional user guides for the climote device?

How can I boost my heating directly from the climote device itself?

You can boost your home heating for up to 9 hours directly using the climote device

  • First press the boost button underneath the heating zone you wish to boost.
  • Then use the wheel on the right hand side of the unit to select the duration you wish to boost the heating zone for and press it to select that time.

How can I reset my climote Hub?

For more info, click here

What are the commands used for sending a text message to the climote device?

A full list of text commands can be accessed here.

You can also text the word “Help” to your climote device to receive a reply with the full list of commands.

How can I download the climote app to control my home heating?

Click here for full instructions on  how to download the climote app as well as how to login and use the app.

My climote is showing a Network Message 4, what should I do?

For more info,  click here.

My climote is showing a Network Message 3 or 2 what should I do?

If your unit is displaying a Network Message 3 or 2, please contact our Customer Support Team.