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Back of the climote Smart Immersion Controller

Installer Area

Back of the climote Smart Immersion Controller

Installer Area

climote Smart Immersion Controller installer app

Installer App

We have developed an app to accompany you through the climote Smart Immersion Controller installation process.

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Become A Registered Installer

climote are recruiting installation, electrical and plumbing professionals to join our nationwide network of climote endorsed installers.

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One Size Fits Most

We understand the importance of having a solution that works with whatever you are met with on-site. To ensure qualified homes and ensure compatibility we have developed an on-site survey prior to installation.

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Average Installation Time

climote Remote Heating Controller: 30 Minutes
climote Smart Immersion Controller: 90 Minutes

tech specification

Dedicated Tech Support

climote approved installers have a dedicated technical account manager with a direct phoneline access.

tech specification

climote Product Technical Specifications

Find out more about climote's Remote Heating Controller and Smart Immersion Controller technical specifications.

climote Smart Immersion climote Remote Heating
climote heating controller

Why choose climote?

We have developed a system using over-specced components. We strive for low incoming calls and zero maintenance.

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