Live Service Notice

Posted by Emma / News 9 May 2019

Time & Date: 10.05.2019 09.30am

Service update: While our network service provider has addressed the issue that disrupted our service yesterday, we are still seeing intermittent connection issues. Users may notice some delays when using the app as connections are re-established, but once reconnected the remote service should behave normally. Manual control of the climote is unaffected and will continue to work normally.

If your unit is displaying a Network Message 4, has a red flashing light, or your messages are not getting delivered to your climote unit, your unit will need to be reset locally.  There is a small reset button underneath the unit, please hold this button for 5 seconds and allow the unit to reinitialise. This could take a few minutes but should power back up with a green flashing light and the correct time and date. For further details on how to reset your unit please click here.

Time & Date: 09.05.2019 10.30am

We are currently experiencing some disruption to our service due to an underlying network issue with one of our service providers. The network company is aware of the issue and is currently trying to resolve it. Your climote unit will continue to function manually but remote control may be impaired for some customers while this problem persists.

Further updates will be provided as soon as we have more information.

Note: For climote units displaying the set time and date screen – please enter the time and date with the wheel and confirm with the centre of the wheel. Your unit should resume manual operation after a short time.