Updated – Live Service Notice

Posted by Leon / News 17 February 2019

We are currently experiencing message delays with the network providers and some remote instructions are being significantly delayed. The network company is aware of the issue and is currently trying to resolve it.

Your climote unit will continue to function, but remote control is likely to be impaired while this problem persists.

Further updates will be provided as soon as we have more information.

Note: For climote units displaying the set time and date screen – please enter the time and date with the wheel and confirm with the centre of the wheel. Your unit should resume manual operation after a short time.

Update at 19:35 – Service is being gradually restored. The network providers expect this to be fully resolved in the next few hours.

Update at 07:55 - Service is still being restored. For climote units stuck on Network Message 4 they may need a local reset to reconnect to the network. Information on how to reset your unit can be found at