Customer advisory notice: Sunday 17 April 2016

Posted by Emma / News 16 April 2016

The mobile phone network operator associated with this sim issue has narrowed it down to a small number of sims and they are diligently trying to get to the bottom of why their network is resending the boost message.

We are really sorry about this issue and can assure you we have a team working to get a resolution and will keep this post updated.

If you would like to email us directly at to register your name and contact details we will keep you directly in the loop.

Customer advisory notice: Saturday 16 April 2016

We have recently become aware of an issue with one of the networks used by the climote remote access service that is causing remote instructions to some climote units being repeated multiple times, typically 2-3 hours apart.

The most likely side effect is that if you send a remote heating “Boost” to your unit from the app or the website, the network will automatically to resend this instruction one or more times some hours later, resulting in unexpected additional Boosts every few hours. Because this is happening at network level, we are unable to prevent it using the climote remote access service.

If you have instructed your device remotely in the last 12 hours, we ask that you check your device from time to time to make sure that this issue is not affecting your climote.

We are currently working with our network providers to diagnose and resolve the issue and will update this notice when we have more information.

The climote Team