Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a selection of the most popular queries we receive from climote users. If you cannot find your specific question below feel free to contact us with any queries you may have..

Please Note: As a result of the O2 Network outage on 06 December 2018 some users may be experiencing some network problems. If your unit is displaying a Network Message 4 and has a red flashing light, your unit will need to be reset locally.  There is a small reset button underneath the unit, please hold this button for 5 seconds and allow the unit to reinitialise. This could take up to 30 minutes but should power back up with a green flashing light and the correct time and date. For further details on how to reset your unit please click here.

What is my device number?

Your device number is a unique telephone number that is associated with the SIM card installed in your climote HUB. This number is visible on the SIM card holder in your climote welcome pack. You can also call 00353 42 939 5020 to request your device number.

Why do I have to keep logging into the climote App?

Are you being logged out of your app when someone else logs in? You should be using separate log in details, here’s how you can do it!

To register subsequent users go to:
Login – using your details
Click on Settings
Click Manage Users
Click Create New
Add in the subsequent user details
Download the app and log in

After the first years service package has expired, what are the terms of continuing remote heating access?

On purchasing the climote HUB, the customer will receive a one year service package which includes full remote access to the HUB by climote APP, climote ONLINE and climote SMS. After this initial first year the customer will receive a reminder that their service package is coming to an end and that a renewal is required to continue to have remote access to the product. The cost of the renewal will be approximately  €19 (subject to change).

What is the “Advance Off” setting?

If the zone scheduled is on and you click ‘advance-off’ this will override the schedule setting so as to temporarily turn off your home heating. After the advance off period has lapsed the heating will return to the times scheduled.


How can I clean my climote device?

The outer part of the climote HUB can be cleaned using a dry cloth.

What if I only have 1 or 2 zones in my home, why can I still see additional zones?

The climote HUB is a three-channel time clock which allows for up to three heating zones (or two heating zones and one for hot water). As most homes only have one single zone, it is possible to set the climote to use only one zone so as to tailor it completely to the user’s own home heating needs. If this is changed to less than three zones it can be changed back to allow for zoning of the home in the future.

What is Holiday mode and how does it work?

  • Click on Holiday to switch the heating off for a defined number of days (starting with today) without clearing your saved schedule settings.
  • Select the number of days the heating is to be turned off including the current day and press Set Now
  • Press End Now to cancel holiday settings immediately

Where can I get additional user guides for the climote device?

If you have additional queries regarding your climote you can also click here to download additional user guides, quick start guides are also available.

How can I boost my heating directly from the climote device itself?

You can boost your home heating for up to 9 hours directly using the climote device

  • First press the boost button relating to the heating zone you wish to boost
  • Then use the wheel on the right hand side of the unit to select the duration you wish to boost the heating zone for.
  • Finally press the centre button on the right hand dial to select the time.

How can I reset my climote HUB?

Your unit can be completely reset by pressing the small black button on the underside of the device.

What are the commands used for sending a text message to the climote device?

A full list of text commands can be accessed here. You can also send your climote device a text message with the word “Help” and you will receive a reply with full details of all relevant text commands.

How can I log into my climote unit online?

You can click here to go the the climote online portal.

How can I download the climote app to control my home heating?

Click here for full instructions on how to download the climote smart phone app as well as how to login and use the app on your iphone or android smartphone.